Monday, September 28, 2009

Reynolds Returns to India as Resident Director for a Summer Teaching Program

Miss Reynolds:  

I returned to India this summer with American Councils of International Education as Resident Director of a Summer Teaching Program in India.  Eight American Teachers were sent on this program and were posted in Delhi while teaching at different KV schools for six weeks.  I was lucky enough to work with The Department of State to improve the summer program, help design the summer calendar, organize community service events, and help construct the overall mission for the teachers on the summer program.   I requested to return to my home school, KV Delhi Cantt. #4.  During my six weeks revisiting the Indian teachers and students that I know and I love, I saw an India I felt I had never seen before.  I was finally home.  I was comfortable and content.  I understood my environment and the people in it.  Returning to India completely validated everything I learned about Indian people, Indian culture, and of course,  myself.  

I feel so blessed.  


  1. i really liked the last one pic and the one with the physics teacher. ,,vijay