Sunday, November 23, 2008

Taj Mahal

QUESTION 1: List 3 facts about the Taj Mahal and post them on the page. Cite where you found the information (i.e. the book's title, copy and paste the website, etc.). You may not use the same facts that someone else has already posted.
QUESTION 2: List all the ways you see math being used in the Taj Mahal. You may not use the same ideas someone else has posted. You may use outside resources to help you. Think about science, architecture, history, math, etc. Math is not just one subject, it is a universal language that is intertwined into all things. Be creative. Use your resources. Do some research! I can't want to see what you discover. :)

More photographs and videos about the Taj Mahal will be posted at a future date.

Indian Students Receiving Their Pen Pal Letters

Shubham & Sarath received their pen pal letters and pictures from Darwin, a fourth grade student in Miss Bailin's class. They were very excited and eager to share what Darwin wrote to them and respond.