Monday, November 17, 2008

Information & Tips from Miss Reynolds about Living in India

This is written from Miss Reynolds' Perspective (first person).

My questions about each statement are in all capital letters. You may respond to any of the questions I have posed. I do not have questions for each statement, but that does not mean you can't comment on it.
All posts should be school-appropriate with appropriate vocabulary and respectful ideas. Anything deemed inappropriate will be reported, removed, and will result in a failing grade for this assignment.

In India...

1. Everyone wants to know if you have had your breakfast. HOW DOES THIS COMPARE OR CONTRAST TO AMERICAN BELIEFS ABOUT BREAKFAST?

2. Keys open up multiple locks. My friend Jyotsna locked her keys in her car and used Lelu's keys to open her door. Not the same model, not the same brand, not the same car. Hmmm. My neighbor Meenakshi uses her house key to open up the front door to my house. Hmmm. HOW DOES THIS CONTRADICT WITH AMERICAN BELIEFS? WHAT WOULD THIS MEAN FOR THE GOVERNMENT? HOW DOES IT ALIGN WITH THE PROVERB, "LOVE THY NEIGHBOR." WHAT DOES THIS SAY ABOUT TRUST? HOW WOULD THIS MAKE YOU FEEL?

3. Auto Rickshaw drivers often drive barefoot. They like to take naps in their backseats on the side of the road as well.

4. People say, "I'll just come"- meaning, I will leave and come back in the future. My brain still battles with this. Aren't you already here? ANSWER MISS REYNOLDS QUESTION.

5. Toilet paper doesn't go in the toilet. Nough said.

6. Toilet paper is unavailable 96% of the time. A bucket of water is in its place. Nough said.

7. If you say "no thanks" or politely refuse any type of dish, people automatically think you do not eat it ever.
Friend: Oh, you don't take chutney?
Me: No, I just don't want it right now.
Friend: Oh, you don't like chutney?
Me: No, I just don't feel like eating it right now.
Friend (to other friend): She doesn't eat chutney.

8. If you are 30 an unmarried, it is a national calamity. IS THIS SIMILAR OR DIFFERENT TO AMERICAN VALUES OR OUTLOOKS ON MARRIAGE?

9. Milk comes in plastic bags. You boil it, then let it cool before you drink it.

10. Nobody says "bless you" when you sneeze. An Indian sneeze is the loneliest sneeze!

11. If someone touches you with their foot on accident they will immediately touch their forehead and mouth in a small prayer of forgiveness. It is extremely rude to touch someone or kick something with your foot. WHAT DO WE VIEW AS EXTREMELY RUDE?

12. Indian men hold hands. They just do. Always have. It is a sign of friendship. It is common and comfortable for two men to walk arm in arm, hand in hand. Women as well.

13. Bathing areas are not separate from the toilet area. Bucket baths are most common, and you bathe in the same space as the toilet and the sink.

14. Staring is common and "curious stares" are not intended to be rude. People just openly look. For a really long time.WHY IS IT RUDE IN OUR CULTURE TO STARE? WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?

15. Most women use whitening cream. Here we are, toasting in tanning booths while Indians are smothering themselves in whitening cream routinely. The fairer, the better. Is something wrong with this picture? WHAT DOES THIS SAY ABOUT IDENTITY?

16. Men pee anywhere and everywhere. The world is their toilet. Close your eyes when you go, well, anywhere! JUST SO YOU KNOW STUDENTS, IN AMERICA, YOU CAN GET TICKETED AND ARRESTED FOR DOING THIS. IT IS CALLED A U.I.P. = URINATING IN PUBLIC AND IT IS ILLEGAL AND ENFORCED.

17. Girls do not pluck their eyebrows. They go for "threading." This is where one woman takes a looong thread between her teeth, moves her neck back and fourth like a chicken, and ties knots around the hair with the thread then jerks them out of your head. It is really, really cool.

18. If you do not wax your arms people will ask you why you don't wax your arms.

19. People eat lunch between 3-4pm and eat dinner between 10-11pm.

20. The number one meal deal at McDonalds is the Veggie Burger. And McDonalds does not serve beef. And they deliver... on bikes!

Tips & Information from Miss Reynolds about India