Sunday, November 23, 2008

Indian Students Receiving Their Pen Pal Letters

Shubham & Sarath received their pen pal letters and pictures from Darwin, a fourth grade student in Miss Bailin's class. They were very excited and eager to share what Darwin wrote to them and respond.


  1. Those are Darwin's pen pals. Did you watch the videos? They are so excited!!!

    :)Miss Bailin & Miss Reynolds

  2. Questions to think about: What other questions would you like to ask your pen pal? Do you have any similarities or differences with these pen pals? What do these similarities say about mankind?

  3. that is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Who taped the videos? Did they have to share them in class? Are our penpals in the same class together?

    Jordyn Reich

  4. Jordyn - Miss Reynolds and I taped the videos. There are three classes that our pen pals are in of Miss Reynolds. :) Yes. They are sharing them in class.

  5. Miss Bailin you were right about the students having accents.
    It was nice to hear your voice on the video.

  6. They are excited!They sound happy.