Monday, November 24, 2008

Primping for the Indian Wedding

After our seminar with the K.V. teachers from all over India, we had to get ready for the Indian wedding we were attending that evening. We went to a salon and had facials, a neck and hand massages, threading, manicures, pedicures, our hair washed, face and scalp massages, and got our hair styled. We also ordered food and they walked to the place to pick it up for us. I'm not going to lie...we were starving and McDonald's was the closest place, so that it where we had them pick up food. We both ate fries and chicken sandwiches. As a side note: It was really interesting how small the portions are here. I would say the sandwich was a little more than half the size of it at home (just to give you an idea). At any given time we would have at least two people working on us or up to five or six people. We were treated like queens and after a day of teaching a seminar, we were happy to have a few moments to relax. I could not believe how inexpensive it was. For all of those services, it only cost us seventy America dollars. In the US all of that would have cost around 600-900 dollars at a salon in the States (and not a hotel salon, just a regular one). That is less than one sixth to one ninth as expensive as home! Geez!

I did get my eyebrows threaded (see what Miss Reynolds wrote about threading in the first post if you don't know what threading it)!! I have to say that while it is interesting how they do they whole process with the floss looking stuff and it pulls the hairs out, I think I prefer regular waxing because it is faster. The quicker is gets done, the quicker the pain goes away, but I had to try it while I was here. :)


  1. It looks like fun going to a wedding.Everybody looks happy getting all dressed up!

  2. dont you just love getting your eyebrows done that way??? I always get mine done with the string, once i started i never stopped. I love all the outfits everyone had on. They are all so colorfull and pretty. That wedding must have been fun.