Friday, November 21, 2008

Meeting Miss Reynolds' KV Teachers and Students

Today was our first day at Miss Reynold's KV school. We had the wonderful opportunity to interact with the students. They were excited to meet me and they ADORE Miss Reynolds. I have never been more aware of how different I was until experiencing my travels in India. Everywhere I went, people looked at me curiously because seeing Americans is very rare, especially at the schools. All students greet teachers and stand when they enter rooms. I w
as greeted all day with, "Good morning 'mam?" and "How are you doing today 'mam?"

I was prepared with my Indian attire, but everyone liked that I was dressed differently and had a hairstyle that none of them did. I was completely accepted for who I was and still considered a part of their "family." That was a very powerful realization I had during this trip. For a group of people who are so different from me, not wanting me to change, but loving me for my differences really made an impact on me.

Today I had a chance to teach interactive lessons to students. I taught them how to do our celebration dances we use in class, like the "We're an awesome team, yes we are, and don't you know it!" I also taught them different ways to cheer for each other when someone earns success. We did the different types of applauses and gestures (Ch Ch...Wow). The students loved these activities and it completely change the learning environment to a classroom community. After the students were comfortable being risk takers and supporting each other, I began to teach them different games to review language and literacy skills. The students were very comfortable playing these games and were excited to participate. We even got the teachers involved. We also taught the students common games in America such as Simon Says to have them practice listening and interpreting English with connecting it to body movements. We were asked to come back tomorrow and teach math and English lessons. This was an enriching teaching experience and I am so honored to have been a part of it and to help teachers that need more ideas, support, and access to information and materials.


  1. What an amazing experience! I love the idea of having inspirational quotes displayed, I think I will start to put them up on my board every day. Do they have PE class?

  2. Hi, the class misses you. I got some new baby lovebirds yesterday,you can see them in my mom's blog in the link below. My pen pal can see me with my birds in the blog.

  3. Hi Miss Bailin!
    Are those our Indian penpals? I hope you are having fun!!

    Your student,
    Haley Maurice

  4. Looks like your having fun Miss Bailin! The class really misses you! Have you seen any monkeys yet?
    P.S. Hi Mr. Hurricane!

  5. Bailin & ReynoldsNovember 22, 2008 at 2:58 AM

    Dear Mr. Urken a.k.a Mr. Hurricane,

    They do have P.E. classes. I am thrilled that you like the inspirational quotes. I love it too! :) I feel like there is so much more I can write and it still won't scratch the surface of what we are doing out here.

    Dear Haley,

    Yes! Those are some of your Indian pen pals.

    Dear Devon,

    I miss you too! I am seeing monkeys every day. They are very large.

    :)Miss Bailin

  6. You guys are so fun! I can't wait to visit your class when I return from India!

    -Miss Reynolds

  7. Hi Miss Bailin I hope you are having fun.We have read Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood so far. My favorite one is Little Red Riding Hood.I already mis you sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!

  8. Hi Miss Bailin. Hope you're having fun! By the way how do you Miss Reynolds?

  9. Leah - I had a feeling that you would like Little Red Riding Hood. Isn't it fun to read plays from a different point of view? It changes the whole story! I wonder what it would be like if an Indian teacher was writing this blog instead of me and Miss Reynolds. That would really change things and amke it interesting. :)

    Gabby - Miss Reynolds teaches with my mother in the English Department of Horizon High School. we met through my mom and became fast friends. :)