Saturday, November 22, 2008

KV Students' Assembly

Every morning before classes start, the school has an assembly where all the students gather and they are addressed by the principal and teachers. The students are very poised and attentive. They take pride in themselves and their education. It was a beautiful sight to see. Walking up to the assembly took my breath away. When we arrived, I was asked to come on stage and address the student body. I enjoyed speaking to the students. Plus, if you know Miss Bailin, she likes nothing better than being on stage with a microphone. :)


  1. Why are there no chairs in the assembly?

  2. Courtney,

    This is Ms. Reynolds responding. There isn't a facility big enough to accommodate seating for all students. The school does not have a gym with bleachers, football field, or an auditorium. When the assembly is extended for a special program, students simply sit Indian style (wink-wink) in their lines.

  3. They all look so serious.Why do they have to stand in straight lines,
    zach woolf

  4. Bailin & ReynoldsNovember 23, 2008 at 8:37 AM

    Hi Zach! It's Miss Bailin & Miss Reynolds They have to stand in straight lines because the school setting is much more formal than ours. At the beginning of the day, they show their respect by standing in an attentive manner. This school is also a school for military children. Most of their fathers are in the Indian military, so they are expected to uphold the high standards of being the children of men that serve and protect.

    What a fabulous questions! I didn't even think about it. :)